Family photographer Joanne Cook

This is me - Hi!


So this is me!

I am that crazy, super exhausted, super time pressed, super loved mum of FOUR!!

I constantly feel busy, and I am always trying to remind myself to slow down and appreciate.

Is this you to0?

In a world that is expecting us to be moving faster, be quicker, and produce in mass, I am here to capture those still moments for you so that you can go back and remember just how it was, just how you felt, just as you WERE at that time. To treasure forever and hand down your tangible memories to your children and their children and so on..

I spent most of my life not knowing what I wanted to do. I just couldn’t understand how from high school, everyone around me had direction and knew what electives to pick and what their strengths were. I never would have depicted myself as a creative, but I guess I just needed a little bit of self belief and direction.

I am a lover of a good trashy reality TV show.

I love my children’s belly laughs. They make me feel so utterly happy.

I am an Autism Mumma.

I love being outdoors and keeping fit.

Canada. Take me there again.

I lose socks. My husband has nicknamed me one sock. I can never wash socks as pairs or keep them together in this process. We have a pile of socks that are not paired. We laugh about it a lot in our house.

I have an addictive personality. It is helpful when I want to learn about something.

I love light. And shadow.

Mexican, Italian and Asian are are my favourite dishes.

I have anxiety at times.

But I have learnt to breathe through it and life is beautiful.

I am a good friend. A good wife and a loving mother. ( But still manage to lose my shit at times)

I adore beautiful light and the outdoors and I love to photograph families and maternity in stunning locations in our beautiful NT. My photography is about capturing those beautiful REAL moments and turning them into an artful keepsake for the rest of your life. And your children’s life. And so on.


Image courtesy of the super wonderful Kristina Wild